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SILO provides a one stop-solution for both brands and retailers alike, offering everything you need to successfully get your products into the California marketplace.

SILO provides a path to success through compliant sales, distribution, and logistics provided by a professional, experienced team.  Our diverse team brings many different skillsets to the cannabis industry.


SILO is committed to being the most valued sales and distribution partner in the cannabis industry. Our actions will serve to support growth for brands and dispensaries throughout the supply chain”


We offer a full service sales force at retail with dispensaries as well as providing licensed cultivators and manufacturers with the necessary resources needed to expand networks and ultimately grow your business and bottom line.


Our core commitment is to exceed our partners expectations while striving to provide all of the resources necessary to reach your companies vision and goals.


    Warren Pulley, as Chief Executive Officer of SILO, is responsible for SILO’s strategy for growth, profitability, brand recognition and company operations. 

    Warren brings to SILO more than thirty years of experience in business operation, asset protection, process management, brand recognition and business analysis from successful global companies, including Nant Health Inc, IEHP, Triple Canopy Inc and Project 7 Security.  His broad executive management experience has spanned manufacturing, security, supply chain, product innovation and marketing in both mature and emerging markets. 

    Prior to joining SILO, Warren was executive vice president of Project 7 Security Group and the founder of RyPul Threat Assessments, a leading international business security consultancy company. In addition, Warren served as a leading business continuity analyst for one of the nation’s largest managed health care organizations IEHP.

    Warren is a US military veteran, retired law enforcement and featured writer for the San Diego based newspaper Candid Chronicle, a cannabis focused news delivery organization. 

    Warren studied Military and Strategic Leadership at Central Texas College as well as Special Education Teaching at Texas A&M Central Texas. Warren holds various municipal, government and private institution certifications related to governance, law enforcement, security and government operations.


    Bryan Olivier is Chief Operating Officer and Chief Security Officer at Silo, he is responsible for developing Silo’s operating strategy and implementation, which is to deliver growth through productivity improvements across all functions of the business, including sales, services, supply chain, and customer focused services. One of Bryans top priorities is leading Silo’s transformation into an industry leading transportation and distribution company, and to accelerate the value the business brings to customers, partners, and employees.

    Prior to his current role, Bryan was the Director of Security for one of the world’s leading oncology research companies, a leader in developing asset protective business models in the hospitality services industry and the founder of the White Rhino Group, a leading protective services organization which caters to high net worth and diplomatic service individual’s around the world.

    Bryan has also been an advisor to governments, transportation industry partners, and members on various fortune 500 company boards, to help organizations understand how to use security technologies to secure, innovate and transform their protective environments.

    Bryan holds a degree in Business Administration, as well as various law enforcement and security related certifications.


    Scott Bramley, CPA brings more than 25 years of strategic business and finance experience to SILO Inc as Chief Financial Officer, Scott is responsible for its financial reporting, internal controls and corporate governance.

    For the past 10 years, Scott has served as the CFO of Divergent Strategies Inc. An entrepreneurial firm, DSI owns and operates a number of mature and start-up companies in the internet, mobile and cannabis sectors.

    Scott’s passion is working with dynamic, high-growth companies. He brings to the table a deep understanding of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, audit, taxation, internal controls, planning and budgeting.

Striving to provide all of the tools necessary to reach your vision and goals.

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