Wholesale Solutions

SILO is a leading wholesale cannabis supply and distribution company in California providing the highest standards of customer service.

Whether you are buying or selling cannabis products, let SILO take the stress out of your transaction.


Shop an extensive selection of wholesale cannabis products from our premier suppliers across California.

Order with confidence from our network of cultivators who have been handpicked to ensure quality and consistency every time.

  • Professional, Efficient, and Reliable
  • Medical and Recreational Products
  • Flower, Trim, Concentrates, Edibles and Beverages
  • Attention to Product Quality
  • In-Stock Conditions are a Priority


Join our premier network to make the connections needed to grow within the California marketplace.

We have Account Managers working throughout California to ensure that you receive your delivery or payment on or ahead of time.

  • Professional, Safe and Secure
  • Compliant and fully functional distribution centers
  • Adult-Use and Medicinal Distributor Temporary License
  • License No: C11-18-0000071-TEMP
  • Operating throughout California
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